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We are delighted our guests and visitors have been so happy with us, whether its been
a visit to the gallery, or a stay with us at one of our cottages.
Below you will find some excerpts from various friends, guests, visitors and publishers.

In Jamaica

"Want to combine both high quality Jamaican crafts and ease of shopping? Head for the estimable Harmony Hall, a gracious plantation-house-turned-art-gallery. It's well worth the trip to the eastern edge of town for Harmony Hall's stunning collection of paintings and crafts."
Rich Rubin, Caribbean Travel And Life.

"There is rich artistic heritage to be found at Harmony Hall. Housed in the charming mid-19th century Methodist manse is a bedazzling array of paintings and craft that reflect the lively mix of races and cultural influences in the island."
Neville Spike, The Sunday Observer.

"Today the attractive gallery is a living testimony to the creative talents of the island's many artists and craftsmen. To walk through the airy rooms is to be delighted by some of the best painters and sculptors in Jamaica, both the academically trained and the self-taught "intuitives"."
Veronica Gould Stoddart, Caribbean Travel Life.

"Toscanini's occupies the ground floor of Harmony Hall. The subtle combination of dark green wooden chairs and pale peach tablecloths complement the old manse, with its beautiful masonry and fretwork One of our group, a long-time north coast resident, maintains that this is the best restaurant on the north coast. After my meal at Toscanini's I would agree that it's certainly a hard act to follow."
Sherina Vaughan, The Sunday Observer

In Costa Rica

"Three years ago, this half-acre compound was a wild outpost five minutes' walk from the sudsy Caribbean. Now, think cathedral ceilings under a thatched roof, draped mosquito netting and bedroom lofts with views of the surrounding gardens and river. Among the nearest neighbours are four restaurants. Hard to believe that in the middle of this sea-buttressed jungle there's nightlife a mile and a half away. Saturday night is hot in the village of Puerto Viejo."
Cond Nast Traveler.

"We found everything full of warmth and delightful surprises. We slipped effortlessly into the Talamanca rhythm - beachcombing or other explorations in the cooler morning, reading and siesta in the afternoon, more journeys and dinner in the evening. The house itself was wonderful, especially its ambiguous position on the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. We made excellent use of the hammocks each afternoon and agreed that the greatest luxury of the trip was our afternoon siesta."
Bill Bullard, Academic Dean, University High School, San Francisco.